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At Y's HomePlace, we know that beauty and quality best describe the clothing and accessories in your closet and the items in your home, so we offer distinctive and interesting products that we believe you will enjoy.  

Experience the serendipity of rummaging through Y's Login Closet. The gently used items (and occasionally something new) that you will find here are selected to surprise and please.   

Pour a cup of tea, coffee, or cucumber and lemon water and browse Y's Bookshelf; or make yourself at home and take pleasure in our photo of the month or the most recent video at Y's HomePlace. 

Thanks for visiting. 

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Sometimes we insist on providing extra special savings. The sale code is always YFSH + $1 (Yours for Shipping and Handling + $1). Yes, we insist.

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 At Y's HomePlace, we care about the environment, which means we make every effort to ship items in sustainable packaging to lessen our carbon footprint. 

For your convenience, we accept PayPal and provide links to our eBay store for quick and secure payments and additional promotional savings.  

At this time, we ship only to addresses in the United States.


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Customer service is a priority at Y's HomePlace (YAFJ, LLC). Y's Cousins (customer service representatives) are committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our visitors. We seek to build a foundation of excellence and trust through every contact with each person who visits,  

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